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Childhoods in a Digital World

The rapid growth of technology is creating a world of opportunity and new experiences for children and young people. With great change also comes great challenge and children’s charity Barnardo’s is at the forefront of ensuring children remain safe in this ever changing environment.

Have you stopped to think how quick technology is moving?

To coincide with the release of their Childhoods in a Digital World white paperBarnardo’s aired the animation at both the Labour and Conservative 2017 party conferences. The animation called on government and politicians to catch up with technology and shape plans to protect children and young people going forward.

Animation still: 5 young people face the camera. The text reads: “And how young and curious minds are developing in out new digital world?”.
Animation still: A boy in 1943 looking astonished at the very large first computer. The text reads: “The first electric programmable computer”.
Animation still: A boy in 1977 smiles at the Atari 2600. The text reads: “The class of ’77 got their hands on the Atari 2600 joystick”.
Animation still: A boy in 1981 looking at an IBM home computer. The text reads: “Followed by IBM’s home computer launch in 1981”.

A Digital Lifetime

The lead character, a young teenage boy, takes viewers on 74-year long digital journey across the decades – from the days of ‘Pong’ to the release of the Playstation. The message is clear: the time is now to catch up as much as we can and educate children and young people on the benefits and dangers that technology brings.

Animation still: 1991. The text reads: “Ten years later the World Wide Web opened its doors”.
Still from animation. A boy in 1995 surrounded by tech from that era; a Sony Playstation, Yahoo and MP3s.
Animation still: 1999 - we see a bunch of old Nokia phones. The text reads: “And mobile phones made their way into hands everywhere”.
Animation still: A boy in 2001 with an iPod to the left and Wikipedia in a browser to the right. The text reads: “Along with Apple’s newly released iPod. Wikipedia helped answer questions”.
Animation still: A boy in 2006 looks excited with a Nintendo Wii on his left and the very first Tweet on his right. The text reads: “Starting with Nintendo’s Wii and the first Tweet…”
Animation still: 2008, Netflix logo and 4G.
Animation still: A boy in 2010 with headphones on listening to Spotify, with an iPad to his left with social media posts and and message coming from it. The text reads: “The iPad, Instagram filters and Spotify in your ears”.
Animation still: A boy in 2016 with a smart phone on either side, with Instagram stories and posts as well as Facebook reactions popping out of them. The text reads: “People sharing stories on Instagram, and Facebook giving friends new reactions to play with”.
Animation still: A boy in 2017 surrounded by multiple Minecraft characters. The text reads: “The land of Minecraft with over 121 million imaginative builders…”
Animation still: A boy in 2017 looks amazed as he wears a virtual reality headset. The text reads: “And virtual reality taking over eyes in living room near you”.