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Four Cheers Brand Identity

A nostalgic, yet bold visual identity for a Manchester-based production company with an international client base.

Four Cheers logo displayed on a gradient background designed to look like light leakage on old camera film.

The concept.

The founders had an affinity for Super 8 film, especially the light-leak aesthetic and nostalgia that brings.

The visual response was a concept that combined the interaction of light, objects and the observer, and the ability of light and colour to provoke mood and evoke nostalgia.

Curved edges on letterforms provide a subtle nod to the effect that light has on corners/edges when shining through an object towards the observer or camera.

The bold logotype provides a juxtaposition to the brand colourways and gradient, striking a balance between dependable nature of the company and its artistic qualities.

Four Cheers logo.
Four Cheers logo with a gradient on a dark background,
Four Cheers logo.


Headings: GT Pressura

The slightly rounded edges and soft joins lean into the ‘light interaction’ concept whilst having strong, confident, characters and stylistic edge, whilst being different enough from the distinctive logotype.

Body Text: Mullish

A less stylised typeface counter-balances the heading typeface with clean, clear characters.

A high-achieving production partner for your high-stakes productions.
A vastly experienced and dependable production partner for production studios and creative agencies. Adept at delivering the goods for highstakes, complex ad productions by expertly bringing together all the structural, human and technical moving parts to achieve the big creative vision of production companies on behalf of global brands.
Business cards with the Four Cheers logo.
An iPhone displaying Four Cheers brand logo