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Online4Baby Brand Identity

Creating a rebellious caregiver brand, committed to giving power to parents through affordable, quality baby gear.

Viva La Cute Revolution campaign visual, with a surprised baby on the left and a toddler on the right holding up a sign reading "We demand deals". The flag brand asset with the tag line "Power to Parents" is a the centre-bottom.

Online4Baby is a baby gear retail brand that believes everyone should be able to buy quality baby products at affordable prices.

If Online4Baby was going to stand out in the online baby retail space – it had to be distinctive. Through competitor research, there was a real opportunity to move away from the usual pastel coloured, softly, softly approach.

A cute revolution.

The brand concept draws from revolutionary symbolism, visualised with a playful aesthetic, positioning Online4Baby as the brand that fights for value, which sits at the core of the company’s essence.

This is further amplified by the strap-line ‘Power to Parents!’

Online4Baby flag brand assets with the tagline "Power to Parents".
Blue brand graphic of a placard displaying the words 'Up to 70% off' , on a yellow background.
Blue brand graphic of a megaphone with the words 'Black Friday savings,'
Blue brand graphic 'Claim your discount,' with brand expression lines surrounding it, on a pink background.
A black car seat, cut out on a blue brand-coloured background to look like it is floating in the air.

Punchy and playful.

The colour palette is punchy, playful and cheeky. Like the brand it’s full of confidence and positive energy. It’s a brand that’s not afraid to be loud!

Playful ‘Keith Haring’ style lines provide the perfect tool to emphasise messages and create a sense of movement.

A white baby laying on her tummy on a cot. She has a cute head scarf on and her mouth open, babbling.
A black pushchair, cut out on a pink brand-coloured background to look like it is floating in the air.
A young mixed race mum, looking happy and holding her baby in the air. The image is cut out on a yellow brand-coloured background.
Social media post of a baby taking first steps in a cream background. The messaging reads 'Hurry up! This offer toddles off soon!'
Social media post of a smiling black toddler has is thumbs up on a blue background, in-front of a large word: 'Yes!' - in capitals. The other text reads 'to saving parents money. Discover our offers now'.
Big blue text reading 'Massive summer sale' in a pink background in front of illustration of an ice lolly and an ice-cream. A toddler in a pink polkadot top and pink love-heart sunglasses is laughing in-front of an illustration of the sun. A sticker reads 'Up to 65% off' and a website button has the words 'Shop sale' on it.

The logotype.

Online4Baby logo with dotted circle outlines showing details on the letters l and y and the number 4


Exclamation mark incorporated into the 4 for a unique, bold mark and a nod to revolutionary symbolism.


Rounded edges on letters create a friendly aesthetic.


Sharp cut in the letterform creates a subtle smile shape.

Online4Baby social icon displayed on a white iPhone.
2 flyers on a yellow brand background. The pink one says 'Save 70% on leading brands' and has an image of a happy young black mum holding her baby above her head. The blue one says has the Joie logo at the top followed by the text 'Brand event' with a Joie carseat followed by a brand graphic of a placard with the words 'Up to 70% off'. Both flyers display the Online4Baby logo.
Online4Baby company presentation brochure on a pink branded background. There are 3 brochures stacked on top of each other. They have a blue branded cover with the Online4Baby logo on them as well as the brand graphic flag with the brand strap-line 'Power to Parents'.
Online4Baby company presentation brochure on a blue branded background. The blue left page of the brochure curled round into a tube shape, the yellow right page is flat and has the heading “how We Are Different” which an image of a baby on the left, with circles on the right displaying differentiating factors.
Online4Baby company presentation brochure on a yellow branded background. The brochure is open on a double page spread. The left page is blue with the heading 'Customer engagement'. The right page is cream with the heading '2021 forecast'. Both pages display past and forecasted statistics.
Online4Baby website mockup.