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Palaces is a unique arts-science project created by one of Arts Council England’s most highly funded Artist, Gina Czarnecki. A magical sculpture using thousands of baby teeth donated by the public.

We request your pearly whites

This promo made way back in before I became Love & Logic, was created to encourage donations of milk teeth for the art piece. The provided logo is followed on a fairy tale journey to the palace, where it becomes one among many as part of the sparkling palace.

Find out more about Palaces on Gina’s website. (Opens an external website in a new tab).

Animation still in monochrome. The swirly white text on a dark background with streaks of light reads: "We request your pearly whites".
Animation still mostly in monochrome. The scene is of an underground cave that subtly resembles a mouth of teeth, with white sparkly cave walls. There are a number of milk teeth (displayed as the Palace logo) hanging from the cave ceiling. One of them is in colour, and a bubble has caught it, ready to take it one a journey.
Still from animation. A bubble carried the milk tooth logo across a the sea.
Animation still: The bubble is carrying the precious milk tooth (palaces logo) in the foreground, with a plethora of bubbles in the background, all swirling around perilously underwater.
Animation still: The bubble with the milk tooth has flown above the clouds. The moon can be seen and coins are dropping from the sky, representing the reward that children are gifted by the Tooth Fairy.
Animation still mostly in monochrome. The background is dark and spikey ominous branches and creatures are on either side of the fragile bubble that is carrying the milk tooth to the palace. One of the beaches is ready to pop the bubble.
Animation still in monochrome. The scene is a close up pf the palace, which is sparkly and representative of the real artwork, which Is made from resin and contains hundreds of milk teeth. The palace aesthetic is almost like a bush with stems growing upwards to a point in an organic fashion. A more geometric piece of the palace arches from the left to the right and reaches half way up the palace forming a bridge-like structure, framing the palace and almost providing a grand entrance.
Animation still showing the tooth palace in black and white. The typography over the image reads: "The palace needs your teeth".
Animation still of the end scene displaying the Palaces logo and partner logos.