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The Big Life Way

Big Life is in the business of changing lives. How do they do this? The Big Life Way of course!

An images of the main characters from the animation: Daisy, her partner Frankie and their daughter and baby twins in pushchairs.

Fighting inequality since the 90s!

Big Life have been fighting inequality since the 1990s by working with people and places to create opportunities and inspire change.

There might be all sorts of things stopping people from getting where they want to be, and Big Life recognises that public services are often focused on single issues, which can be difficult to navigate.

The Big Life Way

Big Life takes a different approach by helping people in all areas of their life and with the things that matter most to them first, working with them to remove all the obstacles to changing their life for the better.

They help people see the skills and support they already have so that they can build on it.

This is ‘Big Life Way’.

Animation still: A young Asian lady is sat down with her eyes closed, looking sad. There is a dark raincloud above her head with raindrop falling down. In the cloud is the word 'Problems'.
Animation still: A zoomed out view of 2 neighbouring towns connected by a long windy road. There are 2 locations markers; one is at the far left of the first town and points to a house and displays the words 'Daisy's house', the other is in the centre of the 2nd town and displays the words 'The nursery'. A bus is travelling along the road and is halfway between the towns.
Animation still: 7 public service buildings have a circle connected to them via a line. The circles denote the type of public service available in the building; 'money, health, mental health, transport, public services social networks and education'.
Animation still: A young, black, non-binary person is looking worried as they are surrounded by multiple stresses in their life represented by circles containing the following words: 'Social networks, health, transport, accessing public services, money, skills, education and mental health'.
Animation still: Daisy, a young Asian lady is having a coffee whilst talking to a counsellor. She has her eyes closed and looks sad, she is thinking about her mum who passed away recently, which we see in the though bubble appearing from her head.
Animation still: Frankie is sat in an in an interview in an office. Over the table from them is a lady who is asking via a speech bubble: 'When can you start?'
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Angela worked with us to create a short animation that explained how The Big Life group worked. The final product is fantastic, but just as importantly, throughout the process, Angela immersed herself in the way we work, was able to translate what we told her into something really accessible, and make sure that the project stayed on track and focused on our goals. We would 100% recommend working with her!

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