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Cornerhouse Poster published in Making Posters Book by Scott Laserow & Natalia Delgado

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We’re thrilled to have made it into a wonderful new publication, Making Posters – by Scott Laserow & Natalia Delgado.

More than just a book of lovely artwork, Laserow and Delgado cover literally all aspects of poster design and techniques with wonderful examples from history and the present day.
Page 113 of Making Posters book showing the Unspooling poster and a write up about the techniques used.

Our poster, created to promote a major Cornerhouse exhibition called UnSpooling, is featured, very appropriately in the Grabbing Attention chapter under Movement.

Other chapters cover: Conceptualising, Execution, Art of Persuasion, Storytelling and Beyond the Printed Surface.

The poster is part of wide range of brand deliverables promoting the exhibition back in 2011, and still remains one of our most popular pieces of work, appearing on many creative blogs.

Get yourself a copy.

Close up shot of the front of the Unspooling exhibition gallery guide
3 images in 1: The Unspooling poster advert, 4 gallery guides spread put in a fan configuration and a close up of the front of them
Centre page spread of the Unspooling gallery guide showing plans of both floors of the exhibition with numbered circles marking locations of the artwork. Corresponding numbered text gives info about each artwork.
Double page spread in the gallery guide. The left hand page lists the artists and the right hand page gives information about the exhibition.