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Elevating brands and telling stories though bold, thoughtful and often playful design and moving content.

The words: “Common mental health problems” a displayed in a box at the top of the scene. Three people, a boy, a teenage boy and a teenage girl are in the middle. The girls is waving at the viewer. Two plants at either side of the frame, and three expressions “Depression”, “Anxiety”, “Self-harm” appearing below the characters.

The Blueprint Project

What do high quality mental health services look like? The Blueprint project found out.

A 3D generated lady, with a determined and bold expression looks directly at the viewer. Over the image is the tagline, “Grow to be exceptional”. The colour of her eyes is on the hue of emerald green and dark sea blue.

Attensi Visual Identity

A visual identity for an exceptional brand.

A promotional featured image for Mental Health Research UK, displaying the message "Giving hope, improving lives" in bold, bright text on a blue background. It features images of individuals representing the positive impact of mental health research, including a smiling woman, a father and child, and a young scientist, all framed within circular designs.

Mental Health Research UK

A transformational brand for a impactful charity.

eNurture Animation Series

Promoting young people’s mental health in a digital world.

Camana Bay Brand Relaunch Animation

A bright new bloom for a vibrant place to live, work and play.

An abstract psychedelic design centered around an eye symbol in purple and green, set against a dark background with radiating green and purple dots and wavy lines creating a visual representation of expansion and awareness.

Manchester Psychedelic Community Visual Identity

A trippy brand identity for a beautiful grass roots community of Psychonauts.

The first inside page has the following text on the inside cover: "Welcome to Material Lab – your personal materials studio, designed with you in mind". The next page is larger than the front page, and the page following is larger again - so that the different page sizes can be seen from from opening the booklet. The following page is white and display a photograph of Mat Lab. as well as textual information. The page behind it is Colorplan Factory Yellow.

Material Lab Booklet

Promoting a materials playground for creative minds.

Octagon Theatre logo – which is the word 'Octagon' in a sans-serif font within a white rectangle, tilted 8 degrees clockwise. The logo is on a purple background surrounded by different sized brand shapes including hexagons, circles, square and triangles of different sizes in pink, yellow and aqua. Some shapes are our outlines and some are filled in with colour.

Octagon Theatre Rebrand

An extraordinary yet down to earth brand for a one-of-a-kind Northern theatre.

Online4Baby Brand Strategy & Visual Identity

Creating a rebellious caregiver brand for a cute revolution.

Mayfield Primary School – Visual Identity

A positive and inclusive modern identity for a Northern primary school.


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