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Elevating brands and telling stories though bold, thoughtful and often playful design and moving content.

eNurture Animation Series

Promoting young people’s mental health in a digital world.

Camana Bay Brand Relaunch Animation

A bright new bloom for a vibrant place to live, work and play.

Manchester Psychedelic Community Visual Identity

A trippy brand identity for a beautiful grass roots community of Psychonauts.

Octagon Theatre logo – which is the word 'Octagon' in a sans-serif font within a white rectangle, tilted 8 degrees clockwise. The logo is on a purple background surrounded by different sized brand shapes including hexagons, circles, square and triangles of different sizes in pink, yellow and aqua. Some shapes are our outlines and some are filled in with colour.

Octagon Theatre Rebrand

An extraordinary yet down to earth brand for a one-of-a-kind Northern theatre.

Animation still: A young, black, non-binary person is looking worried as they are surrounded by multiple stresses in their life represented by circles containing the following words: 'Social networks, health, transport, accessing public services, money, skills, education and mental health'.

The Big Life Way

Helping a Manchester non-profit in the business of changing lives.

Animation still: A scene in park. 3 school friends are gathered looking at their phones, a man sites on a park bench feeling whilst his friend comforts him. A2 dads and their 3 children play on the park swings and ducks are on the pond. Many of the people are thinking about their own stresses in their lives which are depicted by thought bubbles above their heads. The school children are concerned about social media and their friendship group, the man on the bench has just broken up with his partner, and one of the dads is thinking about their relationship.

Mental Health Research Matters Campaign

Sparking a conversation about why mental health research matters.

Animation still: A scene inside Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services. A doctor is sat near his desk talking to a child. A scientist / researcher is stood by a board pointing at charts. 2 scientists / researchers are stood by a workbench with scientific equipment on it, whilst looking at a clipboard.

University College Dublin – Psychosis Risk Paper Animated Summary

Making academic papers more accessible through animation.

Online4Baby tagline 'Power to Parents' in a flag brand asset in pink with the cream brand logo underneath. A toddler is toddling in from the right of the screen with yellow brand expression lines behind him, representing movement.

Online4Baby Brand Strategy & Visual Identity

Creating a rebellious caregiver brand for a cute revolution.

Four Cheers logo displayed on a gradient background designed to look like light leakage on old camera film.

Four Cheers Brand Identity

A bold yet dreamy identity for a new production company.

Animation still of the the word Free in big, bold purple text. There are illustrations of underwater flora, fauna and tentacles swaying around the edge of the screen, framing the subject.

Jersey Pearl Campaign Animation

Animating a campaign for a specialist brand to help tourists celebrate good times on holiday.


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