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Nexus Studios – Visual Identity

Nexus Studios is a premium, full service, flexible shared office space developed to incubate businesses looking to relocate or grow within the sunny Cayman Islands.

The image features a minimalistic design predominantly in shades of beige and white. It displays the text "Nexus Studios" in a large, elegant serif font, prominently positioned at the top-left. Below the text, there is a large, abstract, white outline of a flower drawing that overlaps and intertwines, creating a series of irregular shapes. The drawing includes small black dotted patterns within these shapes. At the bottom-left corner, there are the words "CAMANA BAY GRAND CAYMAN" in a smaller, simple sans-serif typeface. The overall colour palette is muted, and the design is clean and modern.

The brief

The interior of Nexus features a tropical-industrial design, incorporating stunning textures like basket weaves, beaded embellishments, unfinished wood, rough concrete, bouclé fabrics, and leather.

The vision aimed to encapsulate and express this aesthetic through a cohesive, premium visual identity that is energetic, warm, bold, and purposeful.

The image displays two vertical banners mounted on a single flagpole. The left banner is white with the logo of "Nexus Studios," featuring a stylized green leaf and black dot pattern along with the text "Camana Bay, Grand Cayman" in a serif font. The right banner is golden yellow with a large, abstract, white outline of flower drawing that similar to an atom model, surrounded by a dotted pattern. It includes the text "Nexus Studios" at the top and "Co-working space for ambitious businesses" at the bottom, both in a serif font. The banners are depicted fluttering slightly, suggesting a gentle breeze.
The image displays a series of six graphic signs, each representing different rooms or areas within Nexus Studios, laid out in a 2x3 grid. Each sign features a unique colour scheme and pattern: 1. Top left: "Nexus Studios 02 Breakout Room" – A pink background with a looping pattern. 2. Top centre: "Nexus Studios 03 Board Room" – A cream background with a grey diamond lattice pattern. 3. Top right: "Nexus Studios 09 Studio" – A light blue background with wavy lines resembling water. 4. Bottom left: "Nexus Studios 14 Studio" – A dark green background with vertical streaks resembling grass or foliage. 5. Bottom centre: "Nexus Studios 15 Studio" – A pale green background with a stylized floral pattern. 6. Bottom right: "Nexus Studios 18 Studio" – A golden yellow background with abstract black shapes resembling arrows or chevrons. Each sign is cleanly designed with a minimalist aesthetic, using bold typography and simple, expressive visuals to convey the function of each space clearly.
The image features a sleek and modern room identification sign mounted on a textured grey concrete wall. The sign is in a portrait orientation and housed within a black metal frame. At the top, the sign displays the logo "Nexus Studios" followed by the number "02" in large, bold type. Below this, the text "Breakout Room" is printed in a smaller, elegant serif font. The bottom third of the sign showcases a distinctive pink background with an abstract, looping line pattern in a pink shade. This design element adds a playful yet sophisticated touch to the overall minimalist and clean aesthetic of the signage.

The creative response

The concept brought together fresh, tropical vibes with a cool industrial edge, establishing a high-end look and feel marked by sophistication and style.

The typographic choices are refined and minimalistic, combining elegance of a lightweight serif with the pragmatic approach of a mono-spaced sans-serif.

Cool industrial tones paired with earthy neutrals create a calm canvas, punctuated by lively tropical hues and flora, and organic contours are juxtaposed with the ruggedness & rigid precision of industrial patterns and textures to craft a distinct visual style

The image features a minimalist abstract illustration. A light blue, irregularly shaped blob serves as a background. Centred on this blob are four vertical, elongated shapes in dark blue, resembling stylized representations of matchsticks or thin plant stalks. The shapes are somewhat uneven in width and tilt slightly to varying degrees. The overall design is simple and uses bold colours to create a striking visual contrast.
The image presents a modern, abstract illustration composed of geometric and organic shapes. It features a series of black diagonal lines arranged in two intersecting, grid-like patterns, creating a sense of movement or lattice work. Overlaying these grids is a solid, soft green circular shape that intersects both sets of lines, implying depth and overlap. This design utilizes simple forms and a restrained colour palette to achieve a clean and contemporary visual.
The image features a minimalist abstract illustration. It consists of a large, irregular golden yellow oval shape as the background. Overlapping this golden yellow shape is a series of interlocking black loops, forming a complex, flower-like pattern. The black lines are thin and vary slightly in width, creating a dynamic and visually intriguing overlay on the simple, bold background. The design uses stark contrast and simple shapes for a modern and artistic effect.
The image features three mobile screen graphics, simulating Instagram posts for "Nexus Studios": 1. Left Screen: A light blue background with a white, abstract shape resembling a cloud at the top. The logo "Nexus Studios" is displayed in bold serif font. Below the logo, the text "Co-working space for ambitious businesses" is written in a smaller, sans-serif font. 2. Middle Screen: A vibrant golden yellow background with random white squiggles and loops covering the entirety of the screen. At the top, "NEXUS STUDIOS" is printed in a bold, block font, split between two lines. Below the squiggles, "CAMANA BAY" is written in a larger font, followed by "BAY" in a slightly smaller size. 3. Right Screen: A muted beige background features a white, stylized atomic-like pattern in the centre, surrounded by a black dotted grid. The text "Redefining the workspace experience" is aligned to the left in a bold, modern font. Below the illustration, the letters "N S" are placed, hinting at the abbreviation for Nexus Studios. Each screen design utilizes bold colours and minimalist graphic elements, catering to a modern and stylish aesthetic typical for a co-working space brand.
The images display a comprehensive brand for Nexus. This visual array is presented in a collage format showcasing various elements of the brand's design language. The entire nine examples layout is structured and informative, designed to provide a clear guide on how to consistently use the visual, brand colours, patterns and typographic elements of the Nexus Studios brand.
The image displays the logo of "Nexus Studios" set against a plain beige background. The logo is written in an elegant, serif font, with the word "Nexus" featured prominently on the left, and "Studios" aligned to the right, both in the same line. The typeface is sophisticated with thin and elongated characters, emphasizing a sleek and modern aesthetic.
The image displays a repetitive pattern of the text "NEXUS STUDIOS" in bold, capitalized serif font. The pattern is set against a golden yellow background. Each instance of "NEXUS STUDIOS" is separated by a small dot. The pattern is aligned horizontally and spans across the entire image, creating a continuous and uniform design. This branded pattern exemplifies a vibrant visual identity for Nexus Studios.
The image features an abstract pattern composed of continuous, smooth white lines on a muted beige background. These lines create a series of interlocking and overlapping shapes, resembling a freeform squiggle pattern. The design is minimalistic, using only two colours to create a subtle yet sophisticated visual texture suitable for a modern brand background or decorative graphic element.
The image displays a geometric pattern consisting of vertical black lines arranged into square blocks against a blue background. Each block contains a group of closely spaced lines, and the blocks are organized in a grid formation. The lines within each block are uniform in thickness and spacing, creating a structured and rhythmic visual texture. This pattern is repetitive and modern, suitable for backgrounds or decorative elements in design projects.
The image is a promotional banner for Nexus Studios, showcasing a modern co-working space. On the left side of the banner, there's a photograph of an interior setting featuring a spacious and stylish office environment with large windows, indoor plants, and contemporary furniture. A blurred figure is seen walking through the entrance, adding a dynamic element to the scene. The right side of the banner features a beige background with text that reads "Nexus Studios" and "Co-working space for ambitious businesses" in bold, elegant typeface. Below this text is a button labelled "FIND OUT MORE". Additionally, there's a small, stylized graphic resembling an atomic structure and text that states "Camana Bay, Grand Cayman" at the bottom right corner, indicating the location of the co-working space. The design is clean and professional, aimed at attracting business-oriented clients.
The image features a playful and abstract pattern of white, hand-drawn chevron shapes scattered across a soft pink background. The chevrons are uneven and stylistic, varying slightly in size and orientation, creating a dynamic and casual effect. This design is minimalist and modern, ideal for adding a light, whimsical touch to branding materials or decorative elements.
The image displays a repeating pattern of wavy horizontal lines in shades of black. The green lines are thicker and more prominently spaced, creating a sense of depth and texture against a green background. This pattern exudes a dynamic and organic feel, evoking the movement of waves or natural undulations. The design is simple yet effective, suitable for backgrounds or decorative elements in a variety of visual materials.
The image features a simple and regular pattern of small black dots arranged in a grid on a light beige background. Each dot is evenly spaced from its neighbours both vertically and horizontally, creating a clean and orderly appearance. This minimalist design can serve as a subtle background or decorative element in various visual materials, emphasizing structure and precision.
The image shows an open newspaper with an advertisement for Nexus Studios prominently displayed on the left page. The ad features a clean and modern design with the headline "Elevating the co-working experience" in large, bold serif font. Below the headline, a smaller text describes Nexus Studios as a "High end co-working space, meeting rooms and breakout areas for ambitious businesses." and includes a website address. A graphic design on the ad consists of a black stylized leaf motif on pink and a partial abstract shape in golden yellow with a white dotted pattern, both situated near the bottom edge of the page. The names "CAMANA BAY" are visible, hinting at the location. The overall design of the ad is elegant and visually appealing, intended to attract business professionals.
The image features a canvas tote bag from Nexus Studios placed on a vivid yellow background. The bag is predominantly white with the Nexus Studios logo in black serif text centred near the top. Below the logo, there's a large graphic of a stylized black leaf with black details, creating an eye-catching visual element. The website URL "" is printed in small black letters at the bottom of the bag. The design is simple yet stylish, effectively conveying the brand’s modern aesthetic.
The image showcases a canvas tote bag from Nexus Studios placed on a soft green background. The tote bag is white and displays the "Nexus Studios" logo in black serif text at the top. Below the logo, there is a distinctive graphic consisting of a light blue circle with black stylized matchstick figures inside it, suggesting a creative or artistic theme. The website URL "" is printed in small black letters at the bottom of the bag. The overall design of the tote bag is clean and visually engaging, reflecting the brand’s creative and modern aesthetic.

Thanks to the awesome Anna Duffy from Doorway Studio for collaborating with me on this project.