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Attensi Visual Identity

Attensi delivers AI powered, gamified and virtual training to some of the worlds biggest brands, helping them unleash their people’s potential at scale.

A 3D generated face of young woman on a dark brackground. The text over her face has the strapline 'Grow to be exceptional'


Founded with a little Viking spirit in Norway, Attensi has become a global leader in Gamified Training. At a crucial point in its development, the company recognised the need to clarify its identity and refine its communication strategy.

Having recently worked with the amazing Wolf Ollins on their strategy, tone of voice and messaging, the talented in-house product team Attensi has already established the initial look and feel of their refreshed visual identity, and their amazing 3D team crafted a series of life-like, impactful brand characters.

Visual starting point

Underpinned by a winning strategy and messaging system, and with strong visual foundations in place; including the core colour palette, brand font, impact icon style and long established logo, I was brought in to work alongside the team on a year long project to help further develop it, establish a visual system and to roll it out to all channels and materials.

Attensi tote bag with the slogan 'Teach learning a lesson' on the front

Impactful, Thoughtful, Playful.

The visual identity was build around 3 key brand characteristics as identified by Wolf Ollins; Impactful, Thoughtful and Playful.

With the key characteristic being ‘Impact’ the in-house team and I created a series of ‘Impact’ icons to display real work stats and figures delivered to their clients.

A set of brand icons in a 5 by 5 grid.
Attensi lanyard

The visual system

The colour palette contextualises the scientific, ‘thoughtful’ approach to gamified training, whilst a series of elements and people interacting with the products communicates a sense of playfulness. The elements also serve as a device to deliver the clever messaging and wordplay developed by Wolf Ollins.

The system included a set of over 90 brand icons which are used extensively over the website. The decision was made internally to retain the long standing brand typeface, Avenir due to it’s approachable, clean, human aesthetic.

Sample pages from Attensi brand guidelines including logo usage, typography, brand colour palette, imagery, icons and graphic devices.