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Black Butter

Founded by Stephanie Sowden, Head Chef & Owner, Black Butter Catering was born from her passion for creating food with character using the best ingredients available.

The Black Butter logo. Displayed in the brand colour pf copper and set in capital letters. The background is a dark teal. There are brand illustrations surrounding the logo which include a liquorice leaf, a lemon cut in half, a honey drizzler with honey dripping off, a chef's knife, a steak, an apple and a cider demijohn.

A wholesome brand

A brand was created that truly represented the wholesome quality and character of the company, the personalised service and of course the amazing food.

Operating out of a family-owned building steeped in history, the brand palette and traditional feel were inspired by the industrial interior of the Black Butter kitchen and the hearty nature of all of its dishes.

A duplex business card for Black Butter. The logo is displayed in copper foil on the front on a dark teal card stock. Brand illustrations subtly Frame the logo. The reverse displays contact information on a white card stock.
A shot of 2 chicken dishes from above and a napkin to the right with a knife and fork resting on it. A brand illustration of a liquorice leaf is laid across the image.
2 samples of Black Butter menus. One is on card and the other is on a clipboard. They are photographed from above on a concrete surface with a chef's knife to the right.
The founder of Black Butter in her kitchen preparing high end , wholesome food.

Small, but packing a tasty punch

Custom illustrations were created using common ingredients found in Stephanie’s cooking as well as the main ingredients of the preserve where the business takes its name. Black Butter is made from a unique mix of harvested apples, cider, sugar liquorice.