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Material Lab

Material Lab was created by the team at Johnson Tilesspecifically for the architectural and design community. The studio acts a collaborative space, providing resources for creative minds to tinker and explore. 

A stack of 7 Material Lab 20 page booklets. The cover stock is Colorplan Matrix emboss, in purple. On the cover is a large yellow screen printed hexagon with the Material Lab logo inverted in the centre. The sides of the booklet are visible and are saddle stitched with yellow thread.

Collectable promotional booket

As part of the 100% Design event, Material Lab wanted a collectable booklet to promote their design resource and materials studio. The brief was a graphic designers dream; free rein to experiment with strong colours, layouts and textures.

The first inside page has the following text on the inside cover: "Welcome to Material Lab – your personal materials studio, designed with you in mind". The next page is larger than the front page, and the page following is larger again - so that the different page sizes can be seen from from opening the booklet. The following page is white and display a photograph of Mat Lab. as well as textual information. The page behind it is Colorplan Factory Yellow.
This yellow page isn't the back page even though it looks like it is. The 2 smaller pages after it cannot be seen as this page is larger. The yellow page has a purple screen printed hexagon with the words "Partner levels" inverted in the centre.

Playful print that pops!

The creative concept drew from a variety of print techniques, paper stock and finishes. As Material Lab is a cutting-edge concept space, it was important that the look and feel of all promotional materials alluded to this environment.

The finished booklet weaved together three colour screen printing, stitch binding, irregular sized pages as well as Litho inner pages. A poster insert was also designed to complement the irregular, playful pages.

The next page is on the paper stock; Colorplan Factory Yellow Granular emboss. This page is larger than the page before. It has a magenta hexagon screen printed on it, with the words' "What we do" inverted in the centre.
The reverse of the booklet. The back page is purple with a screen printed yellow hexagon. As the cover is smaller that the inner pages, the yellow and white inner pages can be seen poking out above, below and to the left.
The centre pages showcase a full spread photo of Material Lab. In the centre is a tiny double page spread displaying Mat Lab materials. The yellow saddle stitching stretches across the little pages.