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Mental Health Research UK

Mental Health Research UK is the first UK charity dedicated to raising funds for research into mental illnesses, their causes and cures. They pledge to give at least 95% of all donations received to research.


Despite its 15-year legacy, the charity never truly embraced a distinct visual identity beyond its logo colour palette. Feeling the urgency to stand out in the fiercely competitive landscape of fundraising, the board decided to establish a more compelling and comprehensive brand presence.

Research-focused, human-centred

Every brand starts with a concept. The MHRUK brand brings together the scientific process with people-first mindset. It transcends mere scientific rigor, engaging in purposeful scientific research that aligns with the genuine human needs at the forefront.


The logo is constructed from a series of dots that increase in size, representing scientific discovery. Their upwards direction communicated positive change and innovation for the future.

A comprehensive brand guidelines for Mental Health Research UK, showcasing logo application, typography, colour palettes, and digital assets. It underscores the significance of colour in conveying the organisation's identity and enhancing recognisability. It displays different typefaces for headings and body text, assorted supportive colours, and digital patterns. Additionally, it includes a collection of icons related to mental health and examples of layout for digital communication such as social media posts, emphasising the brand's message "Giving Hope, Improving Lives". The design is modern and unified, aimed at maintaining brand consistency across various formats.

Visual language

A colour system was established by combining different shades of blue to signal dependability with bright hues as a nod to a bright future through science.

A series of brand assets and patterns were developed that echo the dots in the logo and continue the scientific theme.

Six graphic patterns for Mental Health Research UK, featuring arrangements of dots in blue, green, yellow, and pink on a vibrant blue background. The designs vary from circular to abstract shapes, symbolising connectivity, growth, and innovation, aligning with the organisation's focus on mental health research.

Flexible icons

A set of versatile icons were developed in two variations: a playful version designed for public-facing and fundraising communications, and a more formal version intended for corporate donors and serious literature.

An open 2024 strategy document from Mental Health Research UK. The left page, titled "Investing in future impact," details the charity's goals in funding research for better mental health solutions. The right page showcases the achievements, stating "Our funded scholars have published 119 peer review papers based on their PhD research." The design employs the charity's brand colours and maintains a clear, professional layout, reflecting their future goals and past successes.
A set of three Instagram posts from the account "mhrukcharity". The first post titled "Our mission" describes the charity's goal to fund research that provides hope and improves lives for those affected by mental health problems, presented against a light dotted background. The second post, "Inclusion", features a joyful image of a man lifting a child, symbolising inclusivity and support within mental health initiatives. The third post, "Innovation", talks about the charity's aim to fund innovative and impactful mental health research, showcased with abstract blue circles on a dotted background. Each post uses a consistent blue colour scheme and clean design to communicate the charity's key messages.
A promotional pop-up banner for Mental Health Research UK. It features the charity's mission "To fund research that gives hope and improves lives, providing a better future for everyone affected by mental health problems," set against a deep blue background. The banner displays images of diverse individuals, representing the wide range of people the organisation aims to support. A QR code and the website address,, are included for more information.
Another banner for Mental Health Research UK, speaking about their mission, this time with lighter hues of blue and dotted patterns are used. A father-son, and a lady are displayed. The web address of the research project is given at the bottom,“”.
The homepage of Mental Health Research UK's website. It features the headline "Giving hope, improving lives" alongside the statement that it is the first UK charity dedicated to raising funds for research into mental illnesses, their causes, and cures. The page highlights key messages such as "At least 95% of all donations received go to research." Sections on the page outline "Our mission" to fund research that improves lives, "Our focus" on supporting early-career UK-based mental health research scientists, and "Our vision" for a world where mental health problems are better understood and treated. The design uses the charity's branding colours and includes images of diverse individuals to represent the community they support.


Thanks to the awesome Anna Duffy from Doorway Studio for collaborating with me on this project.