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The Love & Logic Manifesto.

It’s important to me that I do right by my clients, myself and the wider community. The following manifesto is my promise to all three.

1. Act with integrity

I believe in doing business with honesty and integrity. I’ll always treat you with respect and I expect the same from those I work with. I’m also careful to only take on projects that fit my ethos.

2. Stay curious

Curiosity got us to space! By always asking ‘why?’ we never stop learning and growing. It’s where ideas are born, value is created and fun is had! I’m always learning!

3. Don't work just for £££s

Honestly I don’t do ‘cold, hard business’! I prefer to establish lasting, meaningful relationships where I can really make a difference to your organisation. The type of projects I work on and people I work with are also important to me.

4. Speak up

Only by honest communication can we achieve awesomeness together. Expect to be challenged and I’ll encourage you to challenge me!

5. Do great work

This one really goes without saying. I’m committed to creating outstanding pieces of work for those I work with.

6. Champion collaboration

I know where my expertise lies and where it ends. I’ve been round the block a few times and worked with amazingly talented people along the way. If a request isn’t in my skill set – chances I’ll know the perfect professional for the job!

7. Give a s**t

Virtue signal alert! Where possible I give my time and skill-set to worthy causes that might not otherwise be able to afford a professional designer / animator.