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Mental Health Research Animation

Researchers! Disseminate your study to a wider audience!

Love & Logic specialises in working with Mental Health Researchers to help them disseminate research to a wider audience through accessible, engaging, jargon-free animated videos.

The words: “Common mental health problems” a displayed in a box at the top of the scene. Three people, a boy, a teenage boy and a teenage girl are in the middle. The girls is waving at the viewer. Two plants at either side of the frame, and three expressions “Depression”, “Anxiety”, “Self-harm” appearing below the characters.

The Blueprint Project

What do high quality mental health services look like? The Blueprint project found out.

A submarine filled with happy people, exploring the wonders of the ocean

eNurture Animation Series

Promoting young people’s mental health in a digital world.

Animation still: A young, black, non-binary person is looking worried as they are surrounded by multiple stresses in their life represented by circles containing the following words: 'Social networks, health, transport, accessing public services, money, skills, education and mental health'.

The Big Life Way

Helping a Manchester non-profit in the business of changing lives.

Animation still: A young white man sits on a park bench. He is looking very sad as he worries about personal stresses and world events. There are 4 thought bubbles appearing from his head displaying visuals of the things he has on his mind; the 1st bubble shows a heart broken in 2, representing recent heartbreak. The 2nd bubble shows a peace sign to represent his concern for world peace. The 3rd bubble shows a protest placard displaying the words 'we want change', representing his concern for various causes, the last bubble shows a laptop with graphs and information on it, representing the pressure he is under at work. In the out-of-focus background there is a young family playing on the swings.

Mental Health Research Matters Campaign

Sparking a conversation about why mental health research matters.