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Mental Health Research Animation

Researchers! Disseminate your study to a wider audience!

Love & Logic specialises in working with Mental Health Researchers to help them disseminate research to a wider audience through accessible, engaging, jargon-free animated videos.

The words: “Common mental health problems” a displayed in a box at the top of the scene. Three people, a boy, a teenage boy and a teenage girl are in the middle. The girls is waving at the viewer. Two plants at either side of the frame, and three expressions “Depression”, “Anxiety”, “Self-harm” appearing below the characters.

The Blueprint Project

What do high quality mental health services look like? The Blueprint project found out.

eNurture Animation Series

Promoting young people’s mental health in a digital world.

Animation still: A young, black, non-binary person is looking worried as they are surrounded by multiple stresses in their life represented by circles containing the following words: 'Social networks, health, transport, accessing public services, money, skills, education and mental health'.

The Big Life Way

Helping a Manchester non-profit in the business of changing lives.

Animation still: A scene in park. 3 school friends are gathered looking at their phones, a man sites on a park bench feeling whilst his friend comforts him. A2 dads and their 3 children play on the park swings and ducks are on the pond. Many of the people are thinking about their own stresses in their lives which are depicted by thought bubbles above their heads. The school children are concerned about social media and their friendship group, the man on the bench has just broken up with his partner, and one of the dads is thinking about their relationship.

Mental Health Research Matters Campaign

Sparking a conversation about why mental health research matters.