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Manchester Psychedelic Community Visual Identity

Manchester Psychedelic Community is a beautiful grass roots community of truth seekers, self-healers, reality creators & conscious explorers.

An abstract psychedelic design centered around an eye symbol in purple and green, set against a dark background with radiating green and purple dots and wavy lines creating a visual representation of expansion and awareness.

The brief

Seeking to broaden their community and draw in fresh voices for their recurring events, a reimagined brand was necessary, one that truly resonated with psychonauts.

The creative solution

Embracing a completely psychedelic aesthetic was undoubtedly the right direction for this brand! Keeping the original logo and extending the colour palette the identity was then transported to another dimension, to create a distinct and undeniable appeal for Manchester Psychedelic Community’s target audience.

Four consecutive posters for the Manchester Psychedelic Community, featuring vibrant, psychedelic designs. They promote themes of wellness and consciousness and pne is promotional poster for a Wellness Festival.
Three Instagram posts by the Manchester Psychedelic Community: a Wellness Festival announcement, an abstract psychedelic design with an eye in their logo in the centre, and a photo from a meditation session, all using vibrant designs to highlight the community's focus on wellness and psychedelic themes.
The image displays the Manchester Psychedelic Community brand typeface, GT Flexa Extended Bold, showcasing its character set. The sample includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters, all in a vibrant green against a dark background. This typographic display is used to demonstrate the font style, primarily for headings, indicating its visual impact and readability.
This image is the same as the previous one, this time showing the brand typeface, GT Flexa Extended Bold, in cream on a vibrant purple background.
The image shows the second brand typeface, Forma DJR Text Medium, highlighting its character set including uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. The font is displayed in black against a dusty pink background, designed for use as body copy, showcasing its readability and balanced proportions for text-heavy sections.
This image is the same as the previous one, this time showing the brand body text typeface, font Forma DJR Text Medium, in black on a green background.
A graphic featuring a colourful spiral design in purple, green, and pink on a black background, with the group's name, 'Manchester Psychedelic Community' in bold green text at the centre.
A social post for a Manchester Psychedelic Community event titled "HOW TO TRIP WITHOUT DRUGS," focusing on breathwork. The design features green and purple text against a black background with dotted lines in the shape of the Seed of Life.
A social post of a a group of people engaged in one of the community events, framed by a 'Seed of Life' geometric pattern with dotted lines in purple and green colours on a dark background. The central circular cutout focuses on the attendees, highlighting their engagement and attention, set against the psychedelic-themed design.