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Mental Health Research Matters Campaign

#MentalHealthResearchMatters is a campaign sparking a conversation about why mental health research matters, and what good mental health research looks like.

The background

In 2018, UK Research & Innovation (UKRI) funded 8 mental health research networks. These networks are formed of academics, clinicians, 3rd sector representatives and those with lived experience, amongst others. They tackle a variety of mental health research subjects, ranging from youth mental health to violence and abuse, to loneliness and social isolation.

In 2022, the Mental Health Research Matters team launched a digital conversation about why mental health research matters, what good mental health research looks like and how we can all get involved to make a difference.

Animation still: A street scene in a local community. A young teenage Asian boy is standing at the bus stop in his school uniform waiting for the bus and looking at this phone. A young white woman wheelchair user is also at the bus stop looking at her phone. An older white man in a cardigan is walking towards the bus stop. An Asian lady wearing a hijab drives past in her car, she is thinking about her family as we can see a thought bubble above her head with a visual of herself, her husband, her daughter and her son - who is the boy at the bus stop. Over the other side of the road is an apartment block, a small shop and a post box.
Animation still:

The campaign

The narrative follows a group of people in a local community from different backgrounds and shines a light on the the factors that may impact on their mental health and why multi-disciplinary research, co-produced with people who have lived experience of mental health difficulties, is impostant.

Animation still: An apartment block illustrated in a cut away fashion so that we can see inside the residents apartments.
Animation still: A young white man sits on a park bench. He is looking very sad as he worries about personal stresses and world events. There are 4 thought bubbles appearing from his head displaying visuals of the things he has on his mind; the 1st bubble shows a heart broken in 2, representing recent heartbreak. The 2nd bubble shows a peace sign to represent his concern for world peace. The 3rd bubble shows a protest placard displaying the words 'we want change', representing his concern for various causes, the last bubble shows a laptop with graphs and information on it, representing the pressure he is under at work. In the out-of-focus background there is a young family playing on the swings.
Animation still: A young Asian teenager in his school uniform and his younger sister are standing in the living room of their apartment. The boy is looking at his phone and his sister is trying to see what he is looking at. Their mum stands next to them wearing a hijab and carrying her briefcase, having just walked in from a day at the office.
Animation still: A young black woman is sitting at her desk in her bedroom studying for her degree on her laptop.
Animation still: A young, white, non-binary person is in their room painting a picture of a colourful brain. Whilst the are painting there is a tough bubble appearing from their head as they think about the art class they teach in their local park.
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We have been working with Ange at Love & Logic for some 6 months supporting our campaign #mentalhealthresearchmatters and she has produced an animation and infographics. Fantastic. So easy to work with and such brilliant designs. Thank you.

Vanessa Pinfold, McPin Foundation View review on Google