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Greater Manchester Local Energy Markets

A series of infographic maps and animation created for Greater Manchester Combined Authority introducing and explaining the future of clean energy, and how Greater Manchester will achieve carbon neutral status by 2038 through the introduction of Local Energy Markets.

GMCA manchester-green city region
GMCA local green hydrogen
Animation still: A scene of a street with a house snd 2 commercial buildings. The house is fitted with solar panels. A speech bubble above says “Solar”. We see a man and his son waving to the mum who is driving away in an electric vehicle, past an electric vehicle charge point. A speech bubble above the car says “Electric Vehicles”. Outside the commercial buildings are 2 women employees, and we can see a heat pump to the right of the buildings. A speech bubble above one of the buildings says “Low Carbon Heating”. In the background is a wind farm on a hill, along with pylons. A speech bubble above the wind farm says “Wind Turbines”.
Animation still of 2 hands holding smart phones. One is pressing a 'sell' button to sell energy and the other is pressing a 'buy' button to purchase energy. In the background w there a 3 people with speech bubbles above their heads interested in electric vehicle charging, wind farms and solar energy,
Animation still of the Greater Manchester regions of Trafford, Manchester and Rochdale. On the Trafford region there is a Green Energy Park, on Manchester there are multiple solar farms, and on Rochdale there are wind farms. Each of the regions also has visuals of local landmarks, residents and residential and commercial buildings.
Animation still: A city scene showing commercial, residential and public buildings - all with solar panels n them. In the foreground is a road with a car, next to a tram and plenty of trees. In the background are hills with many wind turbines and trees.
Animation still of energy suppliers, local authorities, businesses and local coming together to empower people to make informed decisions about energy consumption.
Animation still of all the Greater Manchester regions together. Each region displays a local landmark, in addition to wind turbines, solar farms, electric vehicle charging points, homes, commercial buildings and pylons. The landmarks shown are: Manchester Town Hall, Trafford Town Hall, Spindles Shopping Centre, Number One Riverside, Stopford House, Lady Bridge High School, Leigh Sports Village, Hyde Town Hall, Bury Market Hall, Salford Civic Centre.
Animation still of a a commercial building occupier taking part in early Local Energy Market research. On the right is a researcher understanding how they use Heat as a Service, to inform how it could be delivered in commercial buildings.
A lady outside of her house holding an iPad which controls the energy in her home. Her house has solar panels on the roof.
Animation still of 3 commercial buildings in a city centre with temperature dials above them. To the right of each building is an icon of a battery.
Animation still of a map of the UK displaying solar farms, wind turbines and pylons.