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Motion-driven identities for brands that don’t want to fit-in.

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Art & science

The marketplace is a battleground, awash with companies that match each other in price, product and quality. The difference in success comes down to brand – it’s what sets the winners apart. Standing out is both an art and a science.

Selected branding projects

Two vertical banners mounted on a single flagpole. The left banner is white with the logo of "Nexus Studios," featuring a stylised green leaf and black dot pattern along with the text "Camana Bay, Grand Cayman" in a serif font. The right banner is golden yellow with a large, abstract, white outline of flower drawing that similar to an atom model, surrounded by a dotted pattern. It includes the text "Nexus Studios" at the top and "Co-working space for ambitious businesses" at the bottom, both in a serif font. The banners are depicted fluttering slightly, suggesting a gentle breeze.

Nexus Studios – Visual Identity

A tropical-industrial aesthetic for a high-end co-working space in Camana Bay.

Caybrew Hopnosis IPA — Social Ad

Hypnotic visuals for the launch of Caybrew’s latest IPA.

A 3D generated lady, with a determined and bold expression looks directly at the viewer. Over the image is the tagline, “Grow to be exceptional”. The colour of her eyes is on the hue of emerald green and dark sea blue.

Attensi Visual Identity

A visual identity for an exceptional brand.

An abstract psychedelic design centered around an eye symbol in purple and green, set against a dark background with radiating green and purple dots and wavy lines creating a visual representation of expansion and awareness.

Manchester Psychedelic Community Visual Identity

A trippy brand identity for a beautiful grass roots community of Psychonauts.

Pharmacist Support Rebrand

A brand refresh to better support pharmacists with an updated strategy.

Octagon Theatre Rebrand

An extraordinary yet down to earth brand for a one-of-a-kind Northern theatre.

Each of the 6 Great British Butcher product tins situated in a traditional rustic setting on a wooden farmhouse table. The tins at the front are placed on top of a checked tea towel, and the ones at the back on a chunky wooden chopping board. There is an enamel mug and a couple of ceramic bowls containing rubs and crumbs. In the background is a vintage jug and an old school ceramic hen - used to store eggs.

The Great British Butcher

Putting the ‘great’ into this British brand.

The Black Butter logo. Displayed in the brand colour pf copper and set in capital letters. The background is a dark teal. There are brand illustrations surrounding the logo which include a liquorice leaf, a lemon cut in half, a honey drizzler with honey dripping off, a chef's knife, a steak, an apple and a cider demijohn.

Black Butter Brand Identity

Designing a high-end kitchen & catering service a tasty online presence.

Why invest in your brand?

A brand allows your customers (and prospective customers) to make mental shortcuts to your business by building a set of positive associations.

The more recognisable and memorable you are, the greater the ‘pull’ the brand has to its audience (so the less it has to spend in attracting customers).

Distinctiveness is key.

When a brand builds positive associations around a set of values it liberates it from competing on price alone.

If a brand stands for something to its customers and internal stakeholders, it makes decision making easier.

Branding clients

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Pharmacist Support logo
Mental Health Research UK logo
Multisensor logo
DART logo
Nexus Studios logo
Attensi logo
Change your perspective logo

From the horses mouth

  • Kate Westbrook

    Our charity has worked with Angela at Love & Logic for around 10 years now. During this time she has led on our brand refresh, and helped us develop a range of marketing and events materials – from the more formal annual reviews and reports right through to creative events and fundraising materials and props!

    She has also delivered a number of digital projects for us including animations to support our wellbeing programmes and to celebrate our 175th anniversary, and more recently a Wellbeing hub that we developed in response to COVID to support our wellbeing campaign activities.

    Angela is reliable, responsive and creative – she has never let us down and is an absolute joy to work with. Love&Logic has very much become an extension of our marketing team!

    Kate Westbrook, Pharmacist Support Pharmacist Support logo
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  • Vanessa Pinfold

    We have been working with Ange at Love & Logic for some 6 months supporting our campaign #mentalhealthresearchmatters and she has produced an animation and infographics. Fantastic. So easy to work with and such brilliant designs. Thank you.

    Vanessa Pinfold, Mcpin Foundation McPin Foundation logo
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  • Holly Aires

    Angela is a joy to work with. Every project so far with MuddyWellies has been so seamless, because she just feels like an extension of our team. She takes our ideas and briefs and supercharges them, always bang on what we've asked for and more! It's like she can read my mind. She's super easy to work with, prompt, dependable, professional - and so much fun.

    Holly Aires, Muddy Wellies muddy wellies logo
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  • Sui-Mee Michelle Chan

    I worked with Angela of Love & Logic Studio on a series of 5 animation films to showcase our research projects. Angela was so skilled at summarising complicated research concepts/findings and making them more accessible to a general audience. We worked collaboratively on the series and I learned so much about the creative process. Every film in the series looks so slick and professional. I will definitely be recommending Love & Logic Studio for future projects and to other people looking for a talented animator!

    Sui-Mee Michelle Chan University of Cambridge logo
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