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Brand Identity Manchester

Solo brand identity design studio based in Manchester creating brand identities with compelling narratives and stand-out looks.

A 3D generated face of young woman on a dark brackground. The text over her face has the strapline 'Grow to be exceptional'

Attensi Visual Identity

A visual identity for an exceptional brand.

Brand featured image with the words 'Giving hope, improving lives. There are 3 images in circles – one of a dad holding and kissing his toddler, one of a woman outside in the wood and another of a researcher in a lab.

Mental Health Research UK

A transformational brand for a impactful charity.

Manchester Psychedelic Community Visual Identity

A trippy brand identity for a beautiful grass roots community of Psychonauts.

Octagon Theatre logo – which is the word 'Octagon' in a sans-serif font within a white rectangle, tilted 8 degrees clockwise. The logo is on a purple background surrounded by different sized brand shapes including hexagons, circles, square and triangles of different sizes in pink, yellow and aqua. Some shapes are our outlines and some are filled in with colour.

Octagon Theatre Rebrand

An extraordinary yet down to earth brand for a one-of-a-kind Northern theatre.

Online4Baby Brand Strategy & Visual Identity

Creating a rebellious caregiver brand for a cute revolution.

Mayfield Primary School – Visual Identity

A positive and inclusive modern identity for a Northern primary school.

Four Cheers logo displayed on a gradient background designed to look like light leakage on old camera film.

Four Cheers Brand Identity

A bold yet dreamy identity for a new production company.

Pharmacist Support Logo on a green brand background surrounded by the brand assets lines in brand colours.

Pharmacist Support Rebrand

A brand overhaul to express a refreshed strategy and focus to better support pharmacists.

The Black Butter logo. Displayed in the brand colour pf copper and set in capital letters. The background is a dark teal. There are brand illustrations surrounding the logo which include a liquorice leaf, a lemon cut in half, a honey drizzler with honey dripping off, a chef's knife, a steak, an apple and a cider demijohn.

Black Butter Brand Identity

Designing a high-end kitchen & catering service a tasty online presence.

A photograph of each of the Great British Butcher product tins, situated in a traditional rustic setting on a wooden farmhouse table. The tins at the front are placed on top of a checked tea towel, and the ones at the back on a chunky wooden chopping board. There is an enamel mug and a couple of ceramic bowls containing rubs and crumbs. In the background is a vintage jug and an old school ceramic hen - used to store eggs.

The Great British Butcher

Putting the ‘great’ into this British brand.